Meet Tomas

There's nothing better than helping take people to the next level.

Tomas Martinez III

Business Owner, Keynote Speaker, Coach, Future Number 1 Best-Selling Author

Tomas graduated from UTSA with a teaching degree in 1999. He began teaching elementary and found his passion quickly. While teaching money was tight as you can imagine, he decided to find a side job to help with the bills. With the help of the newspaper, he found an education consultant position. With just two years in, he was ready for the consultant world! He began traveling the state of Texas teaching teachers his passion for motivating his students and strategies to help his students learn. It was during this time that Tomas refined his skills for speaking which would later become his sweet spot. 

Tomas continued his education with a Masters degree in education administration from Texas A&M University in 2005. After teaching for 11 years, Tomas decided to be a full-time consultant with the same company he had helped for many years, Forde-Ferrier. Once again, he was able to bring value and help teachers all over the state. 

In 2009, while still a teacher, Tomas and his wife, Christina, became realtors. Little did they know about the journey that they were about to begin. Every summer Tomas would pour over MLS and CMA's, only to become his wife's buyers agent.

In 2010, an idea came to light..."what if we made a magazine?", a luxury magazine for real estate. They decided to do a little research at Local Coffee on Sonterra. While sipping coffee and and doing a quick search, they found the website, Luxury Home Magazine. The couple was shocked that this magazine was not already being published in San Antonio! After months of calls, they began the process to purchase the magazine. It took a while, but they were able to begin in May of 2011, launching their first issue in August. Tomas remembers the day the magazine arrived at his home. As he flipped through the pages, he wept. All the crazy hours late nights, and early mornings finally paid off. 

Today, San Antonio Luxury Home Magazine is one of the top publications in the network. Tomas continues to set the bar higher and higher each year. In 2014, San Antonio was awarded Distributor of the year. 

Today, Tomas continues advancing his entrepreneur skills by starting another company centered around his speaking and coaching. If you are reading this, Tomas has touched your life in some way. Stay tuned because this is only the beginning. Tomas has so much more to give.